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About Us

Rampart Consulting offers a suite of services to assist companies improve their public safety resources, train staff and be better equipped to assess and manage both community and employee safety at large scale events. We are skilled in tactical and operational auditing, working with companies to identify and refine their workplace security needs. In addition, we deliver both face to face and online defensive and personal safety training resources. Our programs can be adapted to suit both company and individual training needs.

Rampart Consulting has developed a suite of training packages that can be tailored to the needs of individual groups and workplaces. Our packages include a specific program targeting the personal safety needs of women, based on an educational philosophy reflecting the gendered nature of violence against women by men, however strongly mindful of the cultural shift required to positively impact men’s behaviour towards women.

We work with companies to tailor programs to their unique service delivery and operational environments, training staff to be more in control of their personal safety, mitigate risk and reduce the financial, physical and psychological costs associated assault in the workplace or whilst in transit.

Our Safety auditing and training programs are well aligned for use in tertiary environments to assist universities and colleges to improve campus safety and better equip staff and students to feel more empowered to address their own personal safety needs.

We pride ourselves on being professional, flexible and authentically skilled to deliver our dynamic and versatile services.

Principal Consultant: Anthony Macklin

Key skills and qualifications  include: 

Management and Organisational Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Management), WSU
  • Diploma of Policing Studies
  • Advanced Diploma of Public Safety (Investigations)
  • Advanced Diploma of Public Safety (Emergency Management)
  • Advanced Diploma Workplace Health & Safety
  • Diploma Security & Risk Management
  • Human Source Management – Level 1 & 2
  • Applied Leadership Training Program
  • Difficult Conversations with Employees Course
  • Crowd Safety
  • Certificate III investigations

Professional Memberships

  • Member National Tactical Officers Association
  • Member Risk Management Institute Australasia
  • Member American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) International
  • Member International Association for Counter Terrorism & Security Professionals

Critical Incident and Frontline Engagement Training

  • Incident and Emergency Management Course (Facilitator)
  • Close Personal Protection Course
  • Operations Support Group (Public Order & Riot) Basic Operators Course
  • Safe Custody Course
  • Arson Investigators Course
  • Specialist Youth Officers Course
  • Field Training and Assessment Officers Course
  • Field Training Officer Driver Development Course
  • Incident Commanders Course
  • Inspectors Transition Course
  • Mental Health Intervention Team Training
  • Search Warrant Risk Facilitators Workshop
  • Investigators Course
  • Custody Managers Workshop
  • Emergency Management Overview Course
  • Emergency Management Welfare Services
  • Introduction to Emergency Management Course
  • Emergency Management Fundamentals Course
  • Evacuation Management Course
  • Incident Command and Control Course
  • Certificate II in Security
  • Policing Aboriginal Communities Course

Self Defence and Personal Safety Qualifications

  • Spontaneous Knife Defence Course
  • Conducted Electronic Weapon User Certification
  • Behavioural Indicators of Radicalisation Course
  • Situational Awareness Course
  • Interactive Baton and Handcuff Course
  • Use Firearms to Humanely Destroy animals
  • Kinetic Martial Arts Instructor Level 1
  • Purple Belt Hapkido
  • Brown Belt Ninjutsu
  • Brown Belt Kufu-Do Kungfu
  • Yellow Sash Shaolin Kung-Fu
  • Purple Belt Dragon Fist Free Style
  • Humane Pressure Point Tactics Level 1
  • Tactical Krav Maga Units 1 to 10 Certificate of Competency
  • 4 years Muay Thai & Boxing training
  • Conflict Resolution Course
  • Teaching & Behavioural Support Strategies for Autism Spectrum Disorder students
  • First Aid & CPR Course


  • Police Service Medal
  • 1st Clasp to the Police Service Medal
  • National Police Service Medal
  • National Medal
  • Police Commissioners Unit Citation
  • Assistant Commissioners Commendation