Answers to COmmon iSSUES

How old do you need to be to attend a womens safety seminar

Whilst we try to ensure that we cater for the diverse audience in attendance the subject matter is often confronting and has adult themes so we recommend that girls 14 years and over attend. 

IF i attend a womens safety seminar do i need to do any practical activities

There is no requirement to exert yourself at all at the womens safety seminar. the seminars are designed so that you can attend on your own or with friends, enjoy a cup of tea or a glass of wine and learn in a non threatening environment. What we teach you is strategies to reduce the likelihood of being victimised. We know that a 2 hour course of techniques you can not remember will be of no value to you if you find yourself vulnerable to a predator.

are you available to present training at my work or community organisation

We can provide onsite or off site training in womens safety, de-escalation techniques, violence indicators, combatives and many other safety and security topics. If you would like further information please email info@rampart.com.au

I can not attend the next seminar listed how can i find out when the next seminars are being held.

If you are unable to attend the next seminar we are running please email your details to us and the seminar you are interested in and we will advise you of future seminars as they are booked. You can email us at info@rampart.com.au


Teaching and empowering women is extermely important to us. As such we believe the more people that are educated in the truth of violence against women can only be of benefit. If you would like to attend our seminars and would like a group discount please contact us for a group discount.

I have been a victim of sexual violence what should i do?

If you have been a victim of sexual violence we would always suggest that you strongly consider reporting the matter to the Police as soon as possible. Additionally if this occurred recently you should speak to a GP or to a sexual health clinic at your local hospital. Medical facilities should be able to provide you with links to counselling or psychological support services. If you need further advice we are happy to assist you and point you in the direction of the most appropriate support services. You can contact us at info@rampart.com.au