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Crowd of people dancing at a music festival


The current state of providing any type of festival in Australia sees an enhanced level of risk mitigation required. This is clearly seen in the new licence requirements for so called high risk music festivals in NSW. The guidelines and the stakeholders involved in the granting of these licences are now looking for key items in the planning , policy , procedures and team members to ensure that the festival has the lowest possible risk. Therefore Rampart consulting provides a suite of services for festival and event organisers that tick the box for Councils, Police, Health Department and Liquor authorities.

Rampart Consulting’s  unique experience and qualifications makes us the perfect fit for your event. We will work with any event from the outset and assist in every step of the process. We will attend stake holder meetings as well as under take liaison with the relevant authorities to ensure that we give you a minimal risk signature. Rampart can provide you with Crowd Management Plans, Crowd capacity reports, detailed emergency Management plans, Complete event and site risk assessments and risk mitigation strategies. We also can provide or review Security Management Plans, liaise with Police and negotiate User Pays staffing levels. We also work with the licencee to create an alcohol management plan for your event.

In addition we are the only Consultancy that has a detailed Sexual Assault Policy for festivals and events as well as illicit drug harm minimisation strategies that can be implemented by the event organiser. Due to our close relationship with the Police we gain increased co-operation and understanding which often sees a more cohesive working relationship established between the festival organiser and the Police Commander which yields enhanced deployment without additional expense. 

We will work onsite with you in the bump in phase of your event. We will also provide you with an Emergency Co-ordinator and Consultant for the entire event arriving on site before the start of the event working with you until the event has finished and the clean up begins. 

Finally Rampart Consulting provide music festival organisers an audit  as well. This team ensures that you are getting what you pay for. We ensure that you are provided with the right number of Security Guards paid, for at the proper times and in the right places. We ensure that RSA marshals are in place as per the event plans, we ensure that WHS legislation and event management plans are being complied with by all staff and contractors. Above all this function provides the organiser with protection from contractors and staff negligent actions, ensures that safety is being maintained in the event, and finally forms part of the organisers due diligence. 


There is much that can be done to create safer music festivals. However in order to do this you need the right people in the right places that understand the risks and mitigation strategies not just for WHS issues but crowds, drugs, antisocial behaviour, weather events, single and multiple casualty events as well as possible Active Armed Offender style attacks or acts of sabotage. Few if any other consultants can provide this service at all let alone at the competitive rate of Rampart Consulting.