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We all expected the training we got going into the academy would be better, we came out knowing it wasnt enough. We have those arrests where nothing from your training works for you and you get injured or just cant control the offender.

How do you respond to that? Do you spend more time in the gym trying to lift heavy, do you sign up for martial arts classes you cant get to, spending months trying to learn basics that don’t seem to match what you know to be true about violence so you can get to the techniques that you think might really work. 

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experience in 10 different martial arts styles

Police Combatives Course

Police Combatives is designed by a Police officer who has trained in over 10 martial arts and has employed the techniques in arrests and violent confrontations. It teaches you the concepts and strategies that are universal to nearly all martial arts. We wont teach you single techniques to account for every possible variable, instead we teach the principles that you need to know so you can without hesitation fight to the best position to compromise the offender and restrain them appropriately. 

We give you hints and tips to enhance your capabilities and to make the techniques you do know more effective to give you more confidence and increase you capability when confronted with violence. 

This course encorporates takedowns, joint locks and transitions to other holds, countering attacks, and striking. We also provide you with training techniques to improve your speed, movement and reaction to attack

This course is set out with a basic seminar which provides the fundamentals of the system, and an advanced seminar that will allow participants to see how the principles can be employed with greater speed, efficiency and with consideration to building their skill set with new techniques.